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Finest Hour 3 - Douggie Mathews Vs Woody Anderson

SINGLES MATCH Douggie Mathews Vs Woody Anderson

Now we all know that Woody Anderson has issues with each and every single member of The Elite Express, so it was no surprise that management had a request from Woody for a match against each member of The Elite Express whenever possible because he wants to bring an end to their chaos. Even though his team were victorious in the Main Event at the last show against them, he feels that he needs to personally get revenge every single member, especially for costing him his chance at being the UKWA Champion.

As for Douggie Mathews, we know that he is a member of The Elite Express and has been involved in helping keep the UKWA Championship in Charles Kelsey’s clutches by any means necessary. However, during the last show’s Main Event, Douggie directly ignored orders that was being given to him by Christopher Drew. No one knows why that happened or what was going through Douggie’s mind at the time but maybe the footage that management recently acquired may highlight some answers, but we will have to wait and see.

There are many questions, going into this match:

Will Woody have a great start to The Elite Express tour that he is setting himself on?

Is Douggie still a member of The Elite Express?

Will any other members of The Elite Express, get involved?

Who will earn the victory?

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