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All For One - UKWA Championship Match


CJ Rawlings (c) Vs Dale Johnson

Now it’s time for us to announce the MAIN EVENT for All For One and this is a match that we can’t recommend HIGH ENOUGH to see because this match could very well bring down the house, especially as the Champion & Challenger are far from strangers to each other.

This match come about because “The Unpredictable” CJ Rawlings contacted UKWA Management and requested for this match and feels that he has something to prove as he is the Reigning UKWA Champion and wants to take on the very best that there is to offer and we all know that Rawlings is far from scared on taking the fight to anyone but this is one that he requested for personally and well Management were more than happy to have the match booked.

The Challenger Dale Johnson was more than happy to accept the match to battle against CJ Rawlings for the UKWA Championship, especially as the last time both competitors were against each other at another Wrestling Promotion, Dale Johnson acquired the victory, so he could very well be thinking that he has done it once recently, he can do it again,

So we have many questions right now, which are as follows:

Has Rawlings set the bar too high for himself or will he rise to the occasion?

Could history repeat itself, which would lead to a New Champion?

Is Dale Johnson being to over confident, while going against The Unpredictable One?

Who will be the Champion at the End of the Event?

These are all questions we want to know the answers to now but we will have to wait till This Saturday to find out what will happen. So please GET your Tickets NOW, to make sure you have your seats booked for this EXTRAVIGANSER OF A MAIN EVENT MATCH. You would be an ABSOLUE FOOL to MISS IT!

Coppenhall Working Men's Club on 15th July

Doors Open 6pm, Show Starts 6:30pm

To pre-order your tickets, purchase them here on the website or purchase them from behind the bar at the venue

Card Subject to Change


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