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A House Divided - Dave DelVecchio Vs Zanda Zulu


Dave DelVecchio Vs Zanda Zulu

The 1st match to be announced for A House Divided is one that we highly recommend anyone to make sure to see for sure because they have battled against each other on the UK Wrestling Scene, so they are far from strangers but this will be the 1st time that they will be battling against each other in UKWA.

In one corner we have "The Chosen One" Dave DelVecchio, who is still demanding a rematch against CJ Rawlings for the UKWA Championship, but it hasn't happened yet, however he did manage to be successful at the last show (All For One) against a very difficult opponent in James Terry. So right now it would seem that he is on a roll and looking to keep it going by defeating anyone who dares to step in his way to becoming the Future UKWA Champion because as always, he is still claiming that he is The Chosen One and that it is his Destiny.

In the opposite corner, we have UKWA's newest debut arriving and it is someone who is more than ready to step up to Dave DelVecchio to maybe teach him a bit of humility and showcase why he is more than ready to take on any and all challengers that UKWA has to offer, while also doing it with a smile. He will most likely ask everyone to remember that in this life, There is Land, There is Water and then There's Zanda Zulu.

Will Dave DelVecchio prove that his Destiny is real by being one step closer to make it Reality or will Zanda Zulu turn that Destiny into just a so-called Theory, that will fade away?

To find out the answer and much more, make sure to purchase your tickets NOW to reserve your seat and be there, because this will be a must see match, you DON’T WANT TO MISS!

Coppenhall Working Men's Club on 18th November

Doors Open 6pm, Show Starts 6:30pm

To pre-order your tickets, purchase them here on the website or purchase them from behind the bar at the venue

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