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Spring Slam - Tommy Gunn Vs James Terry

Updated: May 20, 2023


'The Rapid Fire' Tommy Gunn Vs 'The Submission Tactician' James Terry

Here comes a new match up, that we are proud to announce between Tommy Gunn & James Terry, which will be a tactical masterpiece at it’s finest because both competitors are known to showcasing brains over brawn when ever possible and this will be like a Chess Match encounter which will more than likely have everyone watching each movement because it could change at any moment.

Tommy Gunn will be making his debut for UKWA at this show and will be very much hoping to get the victory, so that he can start climbing the UKWA Rankings in the correct direction from the get go. Across the UK Wrestling Scene he is very much known for showcasing intelligence over brawn but make no mistake, if anyone underestimates him, he will catch anyone by surprise with a sudden strike, a high-flying move or anything that they won’t ever expect or see coming.

James Terry on the other hand, will most likely want to be prepared with a good solid game plan before even the bell has rung and aim to show why he lives him to his nickname of being The Submission Tactician and have everything covered but also have room for adjustments if required because not everything does always go according to plans always. Be prepared to expect the unexpected.

So, we now ask ourselves, who will come out with the victory? Will it be Tommy Gunn putting his best foot forward with a win or will James Terry’s game plan leave no room for errors and earn him the victory? There will be only one way to find out and that would be to Book your Tickets Now for Saturday 25th March and be there because this will be a CAN’T MISS MATCH!

Joiners Square Community Centre/Hall on 25th March

Doors Open 6pm, Show Starts 6:30pm

To pre-order your tickets, purchase them here on the website

Card Subject to Change


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