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New Dawn - UKWA Championship Match


CJ Rawlings (c) Vs Dave DelVecchio

Let us start off with our 1st match for New Dawn and what a match to announce as it will be the Main Event for the UKWA Championship, pitting “The Unpredictable” CJ Rawlings against “The Chosen One” Dave DelVecchio

CJ Rawlings has had to fight and claw his way into becoming UKWA Champion by defeating “The Dossa King” Charles Kelsey, who at the time was on one of the biggest Championship runs in UKWA History but he finally made it happen to become the Champion. Now we know that CJ will be a fighting champion for sure and he is most likely not going to make it easy for anyone who will try and take the Championship away from him, seeing as he had to fight so hard to acquire it.

The Challenger is one of the most ruthless individuals that is part of the UKWA roster and one who Management is very much aware of, seeing as he is non-stop messaging them, demanding for a Championship match to claim his destiny to be “The Chosen One” and next UKWA Champion. Now DDV managed to earn his chance by defeating Tyler Owens at the last show (Spring Slam) for this match, so we will have to see if it is destiny or not.

Will CJ Rawlings show why he is called “The Unpredictable”?

Will DDV’s Destiny happen or was it a dream?

Who will come out as the UKWA Champion?

To find out all the answers to these questions, we recommend that you purchase your Tickets Now for Saturday 15th April and be there because this is a match that CAN’T BE MISSED!

Coppenhall Working Men's Club on 15th April

Doors Open 6pm, Show Starts 6:30pm

To pre-order your tickets, purchase them here on the website or purchase them from behind the bar at the venue

Card Subject to Change


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