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Finest Hour 3 - Dave DelVecchio Vs Luke Basham

Updated: Jan 24, 2023


Dave DelVecchio Vs Luke Basham

We are starting of with a bang with our first match announcement being a first time encounter between these 2 top competitors, who strive to reach the very top of the UKWA Rankings and on the path towards championship gold.

In one corner we have the self-proclaimed “Chosen One” Dave DelVecchio who will more than likely be sending messages to management stating it’s not self-proclaimed since he was able to defeat Angus James in a No Disqualification match, that was most likely career shortening at the last show. DDV will be aiming to make a statement in this match to get himself a shot at the UKWA Championship and will more than likely take any means to get there.

At the other end of the squared circle, we have “The Warrior” Luke Basham. The former UKWA Champion, who is aiming to reclaim the most prized championship of UKWA, one match at time and taking on all challengers. Now Basham may have gotten eliminated in the Main Event at the last show, however he more than showed why he is able to live up to the moniker that he has earned and was a key player in The Elite Express were defeated in the Main Event at the last show.

Now we all just need to know who will come out victorious in this first time match-up. However the only way you can find out, will be to make sure to get your Tickets Now for Saturday 18th February and make sure to be there, because this is one match you DON’T want to MISS!

Coppenhall Working Men's Club on 18th February

Doors Open 6pm, Show Starts 6:30pm

To pre-order your tickets, purchase them here on the website or purchase them from behind the bar at the venue

Card Subject to Change


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