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A Midsummer's Chase - AJ Hughes Vs James Irvine


AJ Hughes Vs James Irvine

At the last show (Downtown Ruckus) James Irvine was celebrating his victory after overcoming 3 top UKWA competitors, but AJ Hughes had to arrive to attempt a Vicious Attack on Irvine, however Irvine wasn't going to take this lightly and defended himself.

The brawl between these two was serious enough to bring out Matt Burns with Big Rich and even Charles Kelsey to attempt to pull them apart as it would have more than likely gotten way out of control.

Now as for why the attack happened, we will have to wait and find out, but with both sides no longer listening to reason, a judgement call was made and a match between the two has become official.

This is one match you do not want to miss for sure. So purchase your tickets for 6th August in advance and make to BE THERE!

Coppenhall Working Men's Club on 6th August

Doors Open 6pm, Show Starts 6:30pm

To pre-order your tickets, purchase them here on the website or purchase them from behind the bar at the venue

Card Subject to Change

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